feb 2018


Abandoned places from my childhood.
Shoot on ilford 400 xp2 with a yashica FX3

I thought a lot about the name of this album. In the end I went for the easiest name I could imagine. Albarelli for you doesn’t mean anything, even in Italian is not a common word, it’s a term of endearment for small tree, it’s even the plural of it. For me this word brings up many things, memories, moment that will never go away, tears and laugh. I thought would have been easier for me to write about it but it isn’t. I’m on a train right now, coming back to Como, 10 pm and even if I try I can’t stop crying while I write on my Mac.

the company was full of big shed, was a shipping company and this is how it's now. Ale was standing still looking at the graffiti and was like everything stopped for a moment
this is erally were is spent most of my childhood, on the left there are the sheds and on the right there are the rails. The train used to come in on that side in order to be filled up with stuff
inside another shed, it's weird to be inside it, it's like everything froze the moment we left that place

Albarelli is the name of the company my Dad run for many years in Como. My family come from Sud Tirol and in 1982 they moved to Como. My dad was working for a shipping company and they proposed him to become the director of their headquarter in Como. That’s why I am the only one born here. All my sibling were born in Brixen.

now you can find weird stuff there, but the stranger that stuff is the more you ask yourself how it made it up here
Ale and Gab are both passionate about old cars, i think they found something really interesting overe there, still trying to figure out how these old cars ended up here
some sheds are empty and others are full of stuff, we found office furniture in this one

This place used to be my amusement park, was a normal company from Monday to Friday, but on weekend I was the king there. Our house was inside the company so I could go everywhere I wanted to.

Ale going around the "rampa", that's how we used to call this small "street", when I was a kid everything was bigger here
a beautiful graffiti
many people used to work here and walk in these places every single day, now everything is gone and will never be the same

This is the last link I had with my father, he died when I was 2 and from the moment we moved out of this place I’ve lived only in places where he didn’t walk in.

I was there with them but actually I weren't, in the moment I got in I had 10 years again and that was my home.
Gab and Ale are crossing the fences around the company, of course it's closed and we didn't have any permit to get it. Somehow I didn't feel like I was doing something wrong, I was just coming back home.

This is were I learned to ride my bike. This is where I played my first videogame. This is where I got injured my first time. This is where I had my first memories. This is where I started my trip, I don’t know where it will bring me and I’ve no map with me but I know it started here.