may 2018

barca· 2018

me, my friends and my new colleagues at OFFF18
Shoot on Trix 400 and Ilford xp5 with Yashica FX3

Every year since 2015 I go to OFFF, a design conference in Barcelona. It’s a cool conference with a lot of booths outside, one of them is a tattoo booth. Last year I was there with Nise and when we passed in front of the tattoo one she suddenly said “Hey, let’s have a tattoo together”, my answer “Maybe next year if we’ll be still friends ok?”.

Well, this year we came to OFFF and we were sure to have a tattoo. Unfortunately the tattoo booth was not there anymore. We checked out on internet and we found the tattoo shop that used to be there. After a call we were in their shop to be inked.

Eine unerwartete freundin.
Un amico inaspettato.

it's a weird feeling to have the same tattoo of another person. You know you'll be connected forever by something that you'll see every single day
the tattoo shop was dark but cozy, i got inked first and then Nise
in that moment i realized we were doing something unexpected, like our friendship
the tattooer was italian and was curious about the reason why an italian and a germa should get a tattoo in Barcelona
now Nise has two tattoo connected to me, i sketched this one 2 years ago in Munich
OFFF is always a balance between speeches, food and rest. One day I'll do a collection only about sleepy Nise

I first met Nise in Munich, 2015. At that time I remember I thought that we could never be friends. I was 29 and she was 23. We were so different and so distant that I really thought this friendship was impossible. Our first trip together was in Paris in October 2015, was a disaster. But somehow we didn’t give up. We kept going out together and we kept talking. It took time but we understood each other and now we are tattooed. Now I know what I don’t like of her and she’s my friend because somehow I decided to keep the whole package, everything I like and everything I don’t like.

i think this is the only pic of us together, she usually smile but i really like her face in this pic
checking the phone as usual
i like taking pictures of people from behind, i like that they are looking in the same direction of me
metro is always a fascinating place for me, it's a non-place, a lot of people is always there but not to be there, just to go somewhere else

This is the fourth time in a row that I go to OFFF, I started in 2015, going basically alone. I met there only Sarah and Fab, and every year everything changed. Last year OFFF looks so far away, has been just one year but the people I where with and who I was are so distant. Fading away so much among everything happened so far.

she was not happy that morning
i almost got crashed by a car to take this pic
i'm kind of sad that i didn't take too many pics of Alex and Gab

I like putting together past and present. This time my past were my friends from Munich and my present my new colleagues. Sometimes past and present are not so clear, sometimes everything is my present and others everything is in the past. I met everybody in these pictures because of work but now actually when I look some of them I don’t even realise they were colleague once.

food in the back, Alex and Fab in the front
OMA is always our preferred breakfast place in Barcelona
i like when one pic reached the end of the film, it's like if the pic wanted to go further somehow
my first trip with new friends
she is always there smiling for me and she always will be
he's the first guy i worked with in Sketchin and actually we kept doing it for 7 months
Alex and Desi eating somewhere in Clot
sometimes memories are like this, fading away even if they are just in front of you