People i had the chance to take a pic of in a bw film.
Shoot on film

I take pictures of people, is really rare to look at a pic of mine where there are no people inside. People are the most interesting things to catch on camera I think and some times I like to do it on a B&W film, everything looks different without colors.

That's my living room and that's my towel. Nise probably was eating something as usual
Gemma and my wall in the background
Seven celestial building let you feel how small you are and how small are your problems, in a second everything doesn't matter anymore. Hangar Bicocca
Gemma and Nise came in March I think, weird feelings to have them in my house. They are part of something else, something that is in a different place in time and space for me
Nise is laying on the floor of Hangar Bicocca with the same relax as if she were on a beach
Take a picture of me taking a picture of you
I've not so many pics of my niece, but in this one she looks like exactly the smart girl she is
A breakfast or a dinner some time ago, her hands are talking more than everything else
Claudio in the dark ready to make me an injection, I know i could ask him anything at any time and he would be here for me
This image is old, May 2017, Mattia is preparing some drinks at Fra's birthday, only this one came out of the whole film i shoot
This album has a name, people, and this is the last pic of Elisa I have
Two of most important people in my life
I spent the new years eve in Munich, basically with Nise, she has been like a sister in that moment for me
The first pic i took of Mavi and probably the first film pic of her ever
Some times people appear in your life without asking a permission and they leave in the same way
You'll be a terrific father
Memories of a night in Munich when I was a prisoner and magic was all around us