nov 2017


a weekend in Turin at the club to club festival with Stefania and Giulia
Shoot on Provia with Yashica FX3

Last year in November I went to Club to Club festival in Turin. It’s an electro music festival held every year in a location outside the city. I went with Stefania and Giulia but I also met there somebody else. Honestly has been such a weird weekend for me. A lot of different emotions were running into me at that time. I met somebody there who changed everything to me.

pictures sometimes just help you to freeze moment in time, like this
taking pictures of people from the back is like leaving everything open, they can still go everywhere they want to

I met Stefania in 2005, 13 years ago. We met at university, we became friends immediately and we spent a lot of time together during our studies. Then somehow we lost each other, she moved to Milan and I had other things in my mind. I moved to Germany and for many years we didn’t get along. Some things never change and when we got closer last year we were still the same 2 young students we were when we met the first time. Now we understand each other even better. Thank you Stefi for being there with me last summer.

sometimes in the middle of nowhere there is something that catch my attention
from our hotel to the venue we had to cross this huge building with a mall inside, a strange feeling was in me while we were walking there. Like if everything was falling down
Giulia was not really a friend of mine at that time and who knows if now she is. What I know is that she made me feel like we were friends since always
this is the bridge we had to cross to go to the concert, still having this strange feeling looking at this almost abandoned places