oct 2016


My small trip to Denmark and Sweden
Shoot on X100T

I’ve never had a strong memory, or let’s say that i remember almost everything but i mix everything up. Could be that a friend i don’t see since a long time was in my same classroom or in my same rugby team, i don’t know.

This trip was done in late October 2016 and if I’m right this is the last trip i did together with Elisa.

We always wanted to visit the nordic country, so we planned 5 days and we took a flight to Copenhagen. Actually we took 2 flights, i left from Munich and she left from Milan. We met there and we spent 3 days there before moving to Malmo. Actually there is nothing in Malmo that worth the visit, was just for the sake of it, just to be able to say (I’ve been in Sweden once).


Elisa whatching the sea
i got taken by this, it's like a staiway to noway
it's a step into the unknown
we were in Malmo, sweden side
the marmaid of Copenhagen, i always loved to take pics of people taking pic of something else
self portrait of us


this is the bus taking me to the airport, i think i was alone there
this is the bridge that connect Malmo and Copenhagen
a famili on the train going back to Denmark
Elisa mirroring in the train window


the city center is ful of canals
but is also full of small restaurant and bars