24 dec 2016


The last time I took a flight from Munich to Milan. On Christmas eve i took the last flight that brought me home after 2 years of life there. Ilenia was with me.
yashica FX3 - expired film

Leaving Munich has been one of the most difficult decision of my life and one of the easiest. I had to and I’m happy I did it. Anyway it has been really tough, my sister came 2 weeks before to bring home almost everything i had, i spent the last two weeks in an empty room with some borrowed blankets (thanks Ile).

the view from my empty room
the luggage are waiting for me outside my front door
this used to be my ubahn station, Goetheplatz

That morning i woke up, i packed the last tings i had and i headed to the airport. I thought about taking some pictures to remember that moment and i choose an expired film, expired like my time there. The result are pictures that are imperfect and unique.

our letter box, i guess now my name har a line on it
Sendlinger Tor is one of the main intersection in Munich
Ilenia from the back in the airport

That house has been really important for me, has been a safe nest for all the time i’ve lived there. When Lizzy proposed me to take over the room i was the happiest guy in Munich, actually my life there changed since when i moved to Haberlstrasse. I really started living there and i started to build a life there too.

Ilenia checking Instagram in the queue, this pic is so imperfect and so perfect

Ilenia was with me, she was coming home too, we met in Marienplatz and we took the same flight. I'll never thank you enough for everything.

probably she was complainig about the fact i stopped to take a pic
bye Munich
luggages in Milan