Aug 2017


2 years ago today I just had met this people, now they are my family.
Shoot on X100T, canonet ql17 and waterproof film camera

June 2017, I was in Munich, actually I remember the exact moment when this happened. We were in Stylight, I went there for lunch. We were coming back and somebody said “Albe what are u gonna do this year for your birthday with Gemma?”. Last year we had a great party at her place, we had so much fun. This is somehow weird because neither me or Gemma like our birthday. Anyway, the answer came out in a few. Why don’t we just go on holiday all together? So we planned it and few months later Ilenia, Nise, Gemma, Fra, Mattia and me were in Mallorca.


For this story I’m gonna do something different, I’ll split the section based on the camera I used to take it. Here just the ones I shot with my digital one, a Fuji X100T. There are some pics on the beach and mostly pics I took on the trip we did to the north of the island.

Ilenia on the beach
Mattia making fun of me, he's like a chinese guy when we're on holiday
Nise and the landscape
pics of pics
Fra and Gemma, something funny just happened
love the way her hair looks on the pics
error pic, maybe better than the original one
2 people paddling in the middle of the sea
we reached the top of the tower going up to small holes, back of Nise there is a jump of 6 meters
the water in Mallorca is cristal blue
paddeling somewhere in the middle between here and the infinite

We decided to spend few days together, we never did actually. I went on holiday/trips with all of them but never together. We booked a wonderful flat on top of Cala Mandia, the view from our apt was great and we were falling asleep with the sound of waves. We spent almost all our trip in this home, we had a pool, a bbq, a karaoke. We were together so we didn’t need anything more.
Analog pics are still developing, come back in a few for them.

Ile and his crumpy face, we like it
we're free
what did you just say?


For this trip I had the idea of buying a waterproof camera. I went on Amazon and I found a pretty cool Kodak Ultra, I paid 20 euro and I got 26 shoots. Actually we had really a lot of fun using it, since is a film camera we did many tests before taking any pics, this was really funny. Taking a gourd selfie of 6 people under water with a film camera is not really easy. Somehow we managed it and the memory of us counting three to take a breath is the best of it.

Gemma is a mermaid
Nise doing some under water yoga
kisses under water
other kisses
in a cala
me and Francesco in our pool
actually we tried many times how to take a group selfie
this is the result
love this one, me and Nise

canonet ql17 giii

Mattia and Ilenia in the back of the van
Nise and Gemma coming from the restaurant, what a lunch we had there
Fra having breakfast in the kitchen
Nise and Ile in our terrace
Ile on the beach, always so happy the be in the pictures
Nise having a cerveza on the beach
self portrait
Ile on the cliffs
Ile talking with 3 italian girls
Nise in the wind
preparing for selfies
Gemma, Fra and Mattia
Ile's hairs are so beautiful on pics
Ile taking pics with my camera