14-21 Jul 2017


Munich black and white pics during two years.
Shoot on b/w film

Munich will always means something special to me. I still remember the first day I came there, I was alone and scared. When Elisa left with the sbahn I realised that I was alone for the first time in my life. Everything looked so distant and weird to me. I felt I din’t belong to that place and the first months have been really tough. Now I can only think about home when I think about it. Somebody told me that is not the place itself but the relationship that I built there. I didn’t realised it at first. Now is clear.

englischer garten is where this pic has been taken, i do not remember too much about it, I just know i was there with Elisa
this is the reason why i shot with film camera, i don't know where this pic of Nise and Gemma is coming from but it's a suprise
the window on the stairway in my building, I'm always bee fascinated by this window
ubahn station, probably Hauptbanhof
Ilenia during one of our dinners
Verity looking at Gemma in my kitchen (Lizzy's kitchen actually)
one of the pic I love more, the memories of that day will be with me forever
not sure if is Ilenia or Gemma at the pool
Nise and Ilenia in the city center one of my last days in Munich
Nise and Ilenia walking in Sendlinger Strasse the same night as the pic before
for the last dinner in Munich we went to a chinese restaurant, was the 23rd of December
Goetheplatz ubahn station, my stop
that night we went to the viehof, was fucking cold
Gemma with a cigarette right before her goodbye speech she gave me in front of my door
Ilenia the same night at the viehof
Matze inside the tent at the Chiristkindlmarkt
in love with this pic
Verity at Gemma's place
same night as before, Fra, Ile and Nise
Fra in the ubahn
self portrait at Francesco's place
The gang at the Universitat
Francesco resting on his birthday
Noemi, Mattia and Fra in the ubahn
Mattia talking with Lucia