2015 - 2016


two years of my life in Munich
shot on color film

I’ve spent 2015 and 2017 in Munich, I went there not because of the city but because I felt I had to go for the job. Only recently I understood that I was running from something I didn’t know and at the same time I was looking for something I don’t know. I think I was looking for something that is inside of me. I didn’t find it yet.

on the isar

IThat was a long day, I think we went out the night before and despite everything we decided to have a bbq on the Isar. Francesco was not there, he was at a concert somewhere in Germany and he came just at the end of the bbq. I just remember that we had nothing to drink except alcoholic stuff so we begged him to bring some coke. When he arrived he was our hero.

Aki had a really though night, i think she's just thinking about it
Ilenia, always in
people on the isar like us
one of the best pic I've ever take

on the street

I love Munich streets, I ride a lot my bike there and I always used to take pics along the way to home, to the rugby center or just when I went to work.

Stiglmaierplatz, one stop before Stylight
on my way to rugby trainig, 14km from my job
parking my bike at night
these are the bikes parked outside my old flat in Munich, you can see Lizzy's one here
view of the railway from Hackerbrücke
another view of the railway from Hackerbrücke<
view from the window of my room
my bike on a velvia

people around

People are what I love to take pics of, they are unpredictable and every pic I have of them is a memory that will never will be washed away.

c'mon Alby why do you always take pictures? for this
don't really remember where we were going, just remember we were happy
self portrait
mattia is the best model i've ever met, he is always ok in the pics, no matter what
we brought ilenias bike to some shop that day
self portrait at Ile's place
no need of caption
red roses on velvia in Stylight
Nise asked me to sketch a tattoo for her, a lotus flower and the deathly hallow sign, this is what came out
Ile at the coffee machine in Stylight