Jul 2016


My first time on the other side of the ocean with a bunch of colleagues.
Shoot on X100T

When I think about my New York trip I really have nice thoughts. Was my first time in the US and I was going there with some great people. I decided to go to a conference there and I asked around in my former company for somebody else to join. In the end Mattia, Francesco, Gemma, Denise, Alee and Philipp joined the trip. Philipp was already leaving for another company at that time so we all knew that would have been the last trip of the design team as it was.


Gemma in the front and Nise talking at the phone on the ferry from Staten Island

As usual I was in charge of the accommodation and as usual I managed to book the worse place ever. We were in Brooklyn but the apt was the shittiest i’ve ever been to. The first night we went out to buy new bed sheets. This should tell everything.

Time Square zebra crossing
worker in Time Square

We were in NY and this was everything to us, we spent a couple of days at the conference and then we went everywhere in the city. Stylight used to have an office there in front of the New Museum. Hunter and the others colleagues brought us to places we would never go alone and this was the best part of the trip.

Alee from the back in Brooklyn

We all knew that everything was coming to an end and we took the best out of it. It was the best.

Nise in the front, Francesco and Gemma in the back
fruit market in the night somewhere in NY
Gemma and the De sterrennacht


Gemma from the back in Central Park
this is Central Park
Gemma, Nise and Philipp
Philipp in Central Park


people waiting for the metro


cw penter enterprise, this is the paradise of pencil lovers
an ice cream truck in Time Square
view from the Rockfeller Center
sun shinig through buildings in Brooklyn
Williamsburg bridge
a bus in Brooklyn, this was just outside our apt
an empy room with a machine at Moma