nov 2016


My colleagues, one by one.
Shoot on yashica FX3
and ilford 3200

Portraits I spent 2015 and 2016 living in Munich, Germany. During that time I worked for an amazing company called Stylight. I built string relationships and I found colleagues that turned into friends first and into a family then. I quit the job in September and I decided to come back to Italy. In Stylight we used to have a photo studio so I decided to use it at least once until I was there. I had quite a simple idea, take portraits of some of my friends and colleagues that had an impact on my experience there. I went for a black and white film and my analog camera. I wanted to have a single moment of that time impressed forever in the film. Thank you all for the time I spent there.


Noemi - hr - Bern - Switzerland - The funniest picture among all


Gemma - designer - Leon - Spain - hey i think you are sitting on your present


Ilenia - pr something - Milan - Italy - simply my best friend


Peter - designer - somewhere in Bavaria - my boss in Stylight, best work together


Francesco - developer - Madrid/Rome - Spain/Italy - my spanish best friend for sure


Matze - developer - same as Peter - Germany - he teached me everything i knew about how stuff work there


Joelle - pr something - Lörrach - Germany - distant at first but friend at last


Denise - designer - somewhere in Bavaria - Germany - the youngest the funniest the naif one


Lotta - busdev - i think malmo maybe - Sweden - the nicest girl you could find in Sweden


Anna - busdev - Milan - Italy - i will never be so fashion like her

Mattia unfortunately u left before i did this, otherwise your pic would have been here too.