may 2016


One trip four friends
Shoot with yashica fx3 - on an expired film

Lorenzo got married in 2016 and this was our celebration for him, at that time i was living in Munich, Lorenzo in Amsterdam, Carlo in Dusseldorf and Claudio in Stuttgart. The three of us had a long list of Skype call to chose the destination and in the end Thessaloniky was the only one that could fit everybody needs.

Claudio in the car, looks like he's looking for something
an american car overtake us
self portrait in the car mirror from the backseat
Lorenzo, Carlo and Claudio on the waterfront of Thessaloniky
we were driving to a beach when we approached this pickup
the family is in the back of it
we used to stay till late on the beach
they already left here, I was alone on a beach
even if the weather was perfect we were not high season, basically nobody was on the beach, just me
from the water is even more sad i think