june 2018


an unexpected trip
Shoot on Cinestill 800 - Kentmere 400 - Velvia 50 with Yashica FX3 - Canonet QL17 and Fuji X100T

Tokyo has been in my mind since my first big trip. October 2014, I went to Hong Kong and I fell in love with asian big cities, so I thought my next trip had to be Tokyo. A lot of things happened in my life after that moment and every time was not the right moment to go. I planned at least 2 other times to go there, once alone and another one with Claudia. But things changes so fast and you never know what will happen. In February I decided that I wanted to go, I checked the flights and then I wrote to my Munich friends asking for company. Well, unexpected 3 of them replied with a yes. That’s how Nice, Mattia, Fra and I ended up in Tokyo.

I never took so many pics in a trip but this was the best trip of my life and I switched 3 different films and 3 different cameras so this probably will be the longest post I’ve ever done.


We spent 10 days just in Tokyo, we left from Milan, Munich and Madrid and we met all at Narita airport. We thought Tokyo is big enough to give us things to see for 10 days without making it complicated and see many cities in few days. The only trip we did was to Nikko, it’s a 3 hours train trip and we decided to spend the night in a Ryokan there and then take a look at the temple city that you can find there.

Before leaving we collected a lot of info and links but we didn’t really planned anything. This Nikko trip was planned the day before at a Starbucks in Shibuya.

Shot with Yashica FX3 + 50mm 1.9 and Velvia 50

he's always in and always up for party but sometimes he's so deep in his thoughts, maybe that's why he can always get me
the ryokan was one of the best experience we had in Japan, being in the middle of nowhere, rain outside and just a futon made everything special
I love taking pics in front of a mirror, is like to merge different realities, there is me on onse side, than the people between me and the mirror and them again reflected, everything mash up creating something unique
sleeping on the train for Nikko
Japan is not all the same, you can find big cities that never sleep and than the beautiful countryside
I was sitting next to Nise, waiting for the bus, and i realized that would have been a nice pic to take, I was right
just arrived in Nikko we stopped in this place on top of the waterfall to have lunch, we had some weird pork steamed sandwiches
the platform we were on to watch the waterfall was on 2 different levels, here I'm downstairs
here I'm upstairs. Everything change when you change you point of view
Mattia is the other photographer of the group
she was just watching the lake and everything was so surreal that I felt the need of fixing that moment forever
I'm always fasinated by docks, you don't know where they will bring you
she'll be mad at me because I always take pic of her sleeping but I could not avoid it, she is there but somewhere else
3 years ago we didn't even know each other, now we're on the other side of the world
there is this 100mt jump where the water falls down and then there is Nise
japanese people are really shy but so kind and open to always help you


The fish market was one of my dreams. I really wanted to go there. Actually I underestimated the effort you have to put to go there. It’s open only from 6 to 9 am for the tuna bid and from 9 to 11 am for the market itself. This means that if you wanna go there you have to queue from 3 am at least. Means that at midday you’ll bee too tired to do anything and you’ll have to go sleep till evening. Our hotel was also on the complete opposite side of the city and going there in the middle of the night was too expensive by taxi. So we decided to go there just in the morning and see the outer market that is always open to everyone. I thought that I would have done anything to see the fish market but in the end I figured out that there are so many amazing things to do in Tokyo that missing the tuna bid was not the worst could happen to me.

Shot with Yashica FX3 + 50mm 1.9 and Velvia 50

that's a tuna fish head
the outer market had every kind of food
the shops are small and packed with stuff
they try to find some space outside, filling every single space they have with stuff and food
food is a big thing is Japan but if you think you'll have sushi all the time you couldn't be more wrong than this
it's the biggest fish market in the world but still smells of old tradition and culture
the market is so packed that inside is almost dark, i took this pic at 11 in the morning
I choose this pic as cover of the post because Japan is exactly like this, you can loose yourself inside thousands of other stories
fish everywhere but no smell at all
she's just beautiful in this pic


One of the reason why I’ve so many pics in this post is that I used many films. One of them is the Cinestill 800. It’s a cinematic film that I decided to use for taking night pictures. Tokyo by night is incredible, so many lights and neon that everything looks alive even in the darkest night. People running around like in the daylight and so many things to do.

Shot with Canonet QL17 GIII and Cinestill 800

this is a skyscraper that they are building right now, the rain, the fog and the lights made this like a blade runner movie
we stopped at this station and I saw this street in the back, the lights are truly '70s'
in the night Tokyo change, everything is shiny and blinking
i wish I could come back to that crossing
even the small roads are shiny
we were just walking in a dark area when after a corner we saw this brautiful street
looking up is always something you need to remember here
that's the famous Shibuya crossing, just from another point of view
people, people everywhere
the view from our hotel was something I could stare at for hours
this is the last night we spent in Tokyo
looks like '80s but it's 2018
somebody inside a game shop, many times i loose myself thinking about the life of strangers
akibahara in the night is more shiny that during the day


BW pictures sometimes add some nostalgia to everything. This is one of that times. Looking at this pics is like looking at something far away in the past even if it’s just 3 weeks ago.

Shot with Yashica FX3 + 50mm 1.9 and Kentmere 400

japanese writing is a mix of typography and illustration, the best
Mattia in the metro, we took it so many time
they were so loud and happy you could hear them from the other side of the street
Fra had this poncho he wore the whole time with the rain
they were just in the middle of the street taking pictures of them and everything looked so different
sometimes you can't be shy and you have to take that pic
we were having lunch here
that day the wind was filling her dress in thousands of different shapes


I don’t use my digital camera every day, in many trips I just shot with the analog one. Some times I feel the need of using it and it never let me down. I can take pics in moments where I could not with other cameras and this let me take moments that will last forever. Inside a cab in the middle of the night or on a bridge facing the sun, doesn’t matter. With that I can focus just on collecting moments and not on technical stuff. At the end that’s why I take pictures, to don’t let anything fade away.

Shot with Fuji X100T

I like take pictures from a cab or a bus, freezing moments that sombody else is living without knowing they will stay with you forever
I just wanna be happy
if i should choose one pic of the whole trip would be this
that guy
just a view of a street, cables everywhere
the metro and us
this is Mattia and Fra's room, we used to party there
Tokyo from above is quite impressive, I spent a couple of hours just watching it
we had been just a spark in this guy life, now he won't remember us but we will
believe it or not she was just listening a 10 minutes long vocal message
inside a cab, whatching life from behind a window
where is inside and where outside?
I definitely could live here
the three of them
packed small streets, packed with signs, people, dreams, lifes
and then you find a second hand market and you stop there for hours
there is this strange connection with technology, being modern and temples and religion
they take everything really serious, every job has dignity
pray for something
the metro and a girl with such a crumpy face
Nise was buyng socks here
waiting for the sunset

An unexpected trip

3 unexpected friend

An unepected city

Sometimes you just have to loose youself
in order to find your place