14-21 Jul 2017


One week alone in Vancouver, weird things and weird me.
Shoot on X100T

Early this year i booked a conference in Vancouver, is a conference about design and content (I’m not mentioning here the name, it’s not worth it to go). At that time i was really excited about going there alone, I always loved to travel alone, i thought was a sort of interior trip. I booked an hotel close to the city centre but cheap enough, 2 days of conference and few days to visit the city.


This is the typical view from East Estings, the lateral streets are not the best place ever.

I booked the hotel in East Easting, it’s relatively close to the city centre (10 minutes walking) and from google maps looked like the perfect place to stay. As soon as I arrived i figured out that the name of that area is crackville, you can easily understand why. I’ve never seen something like that before in europe, there were people leaving on the sidewalks and getting heroine at every time of the day. Those people were really at the border of the humanity and walking those streets was really though. Not because of security, iv’e never had a problem, just because see all those people without a chance was really difficult to accept.

That area is full of bankruped hotels and shop.
People just living on the sidewalks.

I’ve to admit I’ve different feeling about this trip, it has been one of the saddest trip ever in my life and one of the most inspirational one. I understood a lot, i was really far from home, as i never had been and i had to face my thought. I understood why i loved to travel alone and why i don’t need it anymore. Has not been easy to understand it but what you need sometimes is not what you want.

sometimes they build their own place on the sidewalk


there is a lot of fresh food there, really every type of it

The Granville Island Public Market is on an island south to Vancouver, you can take a ferry from downtown or you can do like me and walk about one hour to get there. Once that was an industrial island but lately they converted in a really cool space with the public market and a lot of other shops.

view of the market from the bridge above it
in the food court you can find some fish and chips places


this old couple

Vancouver city centre is really nice and not too big, you can easily walk from one side to the other in roughly half an hour, it’s perfect if you like walking through the city like me.

traffic managers at Canada Place
from the Lookout a couple shooting their wedding on a parking
downtown the homeless situation is not so good neither
an hotdog place in Gastwosn


I love to travel inside the city with everything i can get on. I prefer public transport because you can see the real face of a city on them. You can meet different people and live like them for a while.


view from the ferry to Granville Island

It was my first time on the Pacific Ocean, I didn’t dive in but at least I put my feet in. I think you can feel the difference between the sea and the ocean and I felt it also in Vancouver.

ocean is in the back, a rest with a view


These are the pics i took with my analog camera, a Canonet.

downtown Vancouver
a couple in front of the ocean
Lions Gate Bridge from Stanley Park
having a pizza in Vancouver
the train station
a girl in the pullman for Capilano Park
the waterfront at Canada Place
the crowd at Capilano bridge
a food truck
Canada Place
loading a cruise boat at Canada Place
a man cleaning a cruise boat at Canada Place

Thank you Gemma for being there with me.